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About us

The result of our collaboration is that your company earns more money, and your team and owners gain more satisfaction from managing and developing the business. We will help you develop a conscious approach to business management, including marketing, sales, and personnel management, so that every decision you make brings concrete and measurable results. With us, your marketing and personnel expenses will become investments that pay off and bring profit.

We are always evolving and offering the most up-to-date solutions based on the latest trends and best practices.

The most common requests from our clients
  • 1
    How to launch a new business or product
    You want to launch a new business, product, or service, but you are unsure of how to do it most effectively. There is a lack of understanding of the uniqueness of the product or service, consumer behavior patterns, and the decision-making model for purchases. You don't know how to assess the market potential and determine a fair price, develop a brand, and create a marketing strategy.
  • 2
    Sales issues
    The sales in the company do not meet the expectations of the owners or CEO, and sales targets are consistently not being achieved. There is a lack of confidence in the effectiveness of the sales and marketing departments' work and the fairness of their compensation
  • 3
    The number of clients does not increase
    Marketing expenses do not bring the expected results for the business and do not help with sales. There is a lack of a clear understanding of the purpose of marketing in the company and what marketers should be engaged in. The number of marketers needed, how to measure the effectiveness of their work, and the money spent on marketing are all unclear.
  • 4
    The business is stagnating or growing very slowly
    The business is stagnating or growing very slowly, and there is no clear action plan on how to change this. Annual goals are formulated at best in terms of sales and profit, but there is no understanding of which actions and projects will achieve them. Additionally, there is no clarity on the necessary resources to accomplish these goals.
  • 5
    What to do next with the business
    There is no business development strategy or the strategy is not implemented. There is a lack of vision for business development and strategic alternatives considering forecasts for market and technological developments, potential global changes, and crises. There are no answers to the questions 'What are we building?' and 'What will our business be like in X years? What needs to be done now to avoid losing it later?' There are no clearly formulated strategic objectives and a plan on how to achieve them
  • 6
    In the company 'mess'
    We are constantly putting out fires. Business profitability is declining, and there is no understanding of what to do about it. Management decisions are not yielding the expected results. Executive discipline is very low. Business processes are not documented and automated. Nobody is managing the cost and efficiency of processes. There is no transparent and clear decision-making system. Clear business rhythms are absent. As a result, frequent breakdowns occur at all stages of the business, and a lot of time and resources are spent on solving constantly emerging new problems. There is no confidence that the business can deliver the expected outcome. There is no understanding of how each team member impacts the end result. The organizational structure is unbalanced: some departments are bloated, while others are understaffed or missing. Operating costs are high.
  • 7
    Without a 'magic wand,' nothing happens, and employee turnover occur
    People are not motivated to do more. Any effort from the staff requires material rewards. Everyone works solely for money. Additional money has to be spent on recruiting, training, and adapting new personnel, constantly raising wages, which negatively affects the competitiveness and profitability of the business. There are no functional matrices for each employee, and job descriptions are formal. The KPI system is absent or ineffective, as managers' achievements in their KPIs do not impact the financial results. There is no system for personal goal setting and evaluation. Goal setting is done arbitrarily, without a forecasting system. As a result, some staff members are overpaid, leading to excessive personnel expenses.
    There is no consistent direct communication with the team. Employees lack understanding of what is happening in the company and clear perspectives. Consequently, there is a high staff turnover, lack of self-motivation and desire to grow, low initiative, and efficiency.
Our services
Strategic consulting:
Vision, Mission, Values, Strategies
Management consulting:
Goal setting, Planning, Business rhythms, Rules, Policies, Regulations, Task and project management, Business processes, Automation.
Marketing consulting:
Research, Strategies, Positioning, Brand Platforms, Product and Service Uniqueness, New Products, Pricing, Launches, Advertising Campaigns, Sales.
People management:
HR brand, Organizational structure, Functional matrices, KPI (Key Performance Indicators), Engagement, Business culture, Values, Goal setting and employee evaluation, Policies and regulations, Individual and Team coaching, Corporate University organization.
Customized training upon request, Educational programs for the development of managerial knowledge and skills.
Consulting products
We have developed four proprietary methodologies that allow diagnosing and overcoming the majority of common pains and challenges in any business
Business Checkup

Management audit that allows uncovering key development barriers and issues with the effective functioning of the existing business, its risk areas, and potential losses. To identify hidden and intentionally concealed pain points.

Management audit that reveals in your business:

  • Key development barriers
  • Problems with effective management
  • Risk areas and potential losses
  • Hidden and intentionally concealed pain points.


  1. Report with a description of barriers and problematic areas
  2. Step-by-step plan with recommendations for eliminating barriers and issues.
Startup Push

Assistance to startups and existing businesses in successfully launching business projects. Within this product, our team of experts provides the following services:

  • Audit of the potential of a business idea or startup for its viability.
  • Audit of the management potential of the team.
  • Market and competitor analysis.
  • Recommendations for product or service improvement.
  • Assistance in project management adjustments.


  1. Recommendations for product or service improvement.
  2. Report on the potential of the business model, including recommendations for adjusting marketing and commercial strategies and policies.
  3. Recommendations for strengthening project management.
  4. Group dynamics transformation (optional).
Mindful Transformation

This is a comprehensive individual program of systemic changes within the company. Its goal is to increase profits and take the company to an entirely new level of effective business management.

As part of Mindful Transformation, a team of experts conducts a thorough management audit of all business functions. Based on its results, a detailed step-by-step plan of changes is developed, which will involve every employee in the company. In the implementation of the Transformation Plan, our consultants collaborate with top managers and employees of the client company. Throughout the project, the team undergoes training in practical skills of effective management, gaining access to personalized coaching and mentoring from experienced experts.

Results of the Mindful Transformation project:

  1. Sales growth
  2. Increased profits
  3. A complete team reboot, where each employee in the company understands how they impact business results and consciously implements this influence.
Wenger’s Mentoring Program

The mentoring program with Sergiy Wenger is a unique opportunity for business owners and top managers to enhance their management skills and receive practical advice on business management and development through personal interaction with a business guru. Sergey Wenger possesses a wealth of experience in managing companies of various scales and industries across Europe, Asia, America, and the Middle East. He holds a vast array of practical knowledge in business management and is the author of the Mindful Management concept, continually developing his skills and expertise.

Results of the mentoring program:

  1. A fresh perspective on the business and its business model.
  2. Clear articulation of the business vision and strategy aligned with the owner's personal goals and plans.
  3. Well-defined and SMART-formulated objectives.
  4. A transformed approach to business management, with a clear understanding of how to tackle any task or challenge.
  5. Strengthened internal balance, increased happiness levels, and enhanced personal effectiveness.
  6. Business growth and improved profitability.
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5 Principles of Wenger's Mindful Management
  • Every managerial decision must be conscious and have a clear measurable goal
  • Every action should yield the expected outcome and move the business closer to its main goal
  • Every result is just a fact that needs to be accepted and understood with the sole purpose of moving forward effectively.
  • Every outcome is a result of the actions and/or inaction of a specific individual, not events.
  • Any deviation of the actual result from the planned one should be consciously analyzed, thoroughly addressed, and never repeated in the future.
Our experience
All our recommendations are validated by real-world experience with various companies in the markets of America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.
  • FOOD & Drinks
    PepsiCo, Campari, MARS (Mars, Snickers, M&Ms, Pedigree, Whiskas), Danone, Carlsberg Group (Carlsberg, Tuborg, Holsten, Corona), Nemiroff, Synergy Group (Myagkov, Beluga), Anheuser-Busch InBev (Rogan Beer), SOYUZ-VICTAN (SV, Longer, Koktebel), Overline (Myagkov, Shturman, 220, L’odessika, SQ, Henri Roederer), Massandra, AVK, Konti, MHP (Nasha Ryaba, Quliko, Legko, Apetitna), Bunge (Oleina), Veres, Romol, MAWR, UmanBeer, IDS (Mirgorodskaya, Morshinskaya, Borjomi), Mivina, Beluga Group (ex.Synergy Group)
  • Medicine
    & Pharmacy
    Bayer (Alka-Seltzer), R+ Medical Network, ANC Pharmacy Retail, Nika Pharm, OXYmed, ASKLEPIY Distibution, Zamona Rano, Luxoptica, Uniclinic
  • HoReCa & Retail
    METRO, ANC Pharmacy Retail, Vertex Hotel Group (President Hotel, Londonska Hotel, Bristol, Formula Wellness Club), Mawr, Duna, Nasha Ryaba, Mafia, Georgia, Casta, ВАО, NAM, Khlebniy, Holy Burger, FAME Online Fashion Mall, LuxOptica
  • IT, Electronics, Telecom
    Intel, PocketBook, KIVI, Kyivstar, Vodafone, Astelit (life), Beeline, djuice, Volya Kabel
  • FinTech
    & Banking
    Bank BNP Paribas (UkrSibBank), Raiffeisen Bank,
    OTP Bank, Nash Bank, Bill Line
  • Transport & Logistic
  • Development & Construction
    Amulet Property Development Group, Legacy Development & Investment, Nous Property
  • Media
    Economic HUB,
    TV company ATVK, Kharkovskie Gubernskie Vedomosti, Delovoy Kharkov, Bez Senzury
  • Education
    Diamond Cutter Institute Global, Lemoncoin Academy, Business Wisdom Institute
  • Others
    Huggies, JTI (Camel), Philip Morris, Socar, EastOne Group, Nowy Styl Group, TetraPak
Leave a request for a consultation, and we will get in touch with you shortly.
Management Board
Each consultant at Wenger Consulting possesses a unique combination of contemporary knowledge and extensive experience working in successful companies in the fields of business management, marketing, and sales, as well as their own entrepreneurial experiences.
  • Sergiy Wenger
    President and founder.
    29 years of experience in managing companies and projects, marketing, and sales in European, Asian, American, and Middle Eastern markets. Entrepreneurial experience across various industries and geographic markets. Proficient in startup management and crisis management. Extensive background in consulting and mentoring.
    Author of the Mindful Management concept, the Tea Business Meetings, and Dynamic Business Meetings methodologies.
  • Cheprasov Roman
    European office CEO
    20 years of business management experience. 7 years in CMO positions in companies with a workforce of over 900 people. Entrepreneurial experience in construction, trade, and service companies. Experience in founding and launching a startup in construction services and robotics. Author of a marketing coaching methodology aimed at developing customer-oriented thinking for business owners. Specialization in service design.
  • Tanya Wenger
    18 years of experience in business management and project execution within global and local companies across American, European, and Asian markets. Successfully developed and implemented numerous business cases and strategic initiatives, marketing and communication solutions for top international brands. Established and managed own businesses.
  • Dmitry Shovkoplyas
    Office Manager of Change Management
    Over 20 years of experience in business process development and automation, as well as project management implementation, on major enterprises in engineering, retail, pharmaceutical, and medical industries. Also, possessing entrepreneurial experience, with a rich background in consulting and educational projects.
How we work
After receiving your application, we prepare the first meeting involving the necessary specialists to analyze the situation. During the meeting, we conduct in-depth interviews with the owner or CEO to clarify the essence of the request, symptoms, and expectations.
We conduct an audit of your business, identify root problems and growth barriers, as well as the reasons behind their occurrence. Then, we develop professional recommendations.
Road Map
We are developing a detailed step-by-step plan to overcome the identified barriers and issues with deadlines and responsibilities from both sides
ou regularly receive weekly reports on work results and plans for the next period. Each of our meetings ends with decisions made and a protocol describing new tasks and next steps using the SMART criteria.
Results evaluation
We regularly take interim assessments and compare them with the planned targets. At the end of the project, we evaluate the final outcome
Customer feedback
Your request
Describe your task so that we can immediately engage the necessary specialists to develop an optimal solution.
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USA, Chicago, Illinois
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European office:
Ukraine. Kyiv.
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